November 6, 2020

Characteristics of Reliable Online Loan Applications

The increasing online lending application in Indonesia has also opened the door for easy fraud. Good Friend as a user needs to be alert and cautious in using trusted online applications.

During 2018 alone, It has blocked more than 700 illegal online lending services that have proven to harm its users by delaying strangling interest, distributing its users’ data or by abusive billing.

Even though it looks great and looks scary, there are still many trusted online loan applications that can make Smart Talks take advantage!

Services are registered with OJK

Services are registered with OJK

All you need to do as a user of a smart online loan application is to check if the online loan application to use is already registered with the OJK.

Determining whether an online loan application is to be used is a must before using the online loan service.

Light conditions

Trusted online lending applications are usually easy, rather than frustrating to their users.

The requirements set by trusted online loan applications tend to be light.

For example, for account signup, online lending applications require only simple documents such as a government-issued ID, NPP or payslip.

There are even trusted online loan applications that require only a government ID for the registration process.

In order to get a loan, Good Dude doesn’t need to lend any guarantees. This is called the Credit Unless Credit system.

Fair and transparent loans

Good online lending applications focus on helping their users by providing loans when they have an urgent need.

Therefore, trusted online lending applications usually delay the lending of their lenders to their users.

In addition, the loans provided will be listed on the submission page. So the borrower knows how much they will have to pay.

In addition to interest, it’s only natural that some trusted online loan applications also have service fees. These fees are also included on the landing page so the borrower can find out in advance before filing.

Clear loan terms

Trusted online lending applications also explicitly provide information about loan terms, terms of service and privacy policies.

These conditions are like a contract between the service provider and Good Friend as the borrower.

Therefore Good Dudes need to understand the various conditions mentioned by online lending applications and not use services that they find to be detrimental.

It’s like contacting a cell phone for billing, outside of the emergency contacts already listed.

Positive reviews

Positive reviews

Consumers typically have their own sentiments on the online loan application services that they regularly post on the Google Play Store comments column and on the associated social media pages.

This user review may be helpful information before Good Friend before using his service.

Trusted online loan applications can easily be recognized by rating on the Google Play Store. In addition, if many users provide positive reviews about the online loan application service, it is possible that the online loan service is reliable.

Have several channels to contact

One of the criteria of a reliable online loan application is the ease of access to communication with its service manager.

Online lending applications generally provide call centers as a means of communication between users and Customer Service. So far, the call center available for most new fintech companies is available during business hours and days.

In addition to call centers, online lending applications typically also have various social media accounts that can be used as a means of communication.

The process is fast and easy

Reliable online lending applications also offer an easy process, from registration, application to repayment.

The speed of the process also determines whether the online loan application is reliable or not.

High-quality online loan applications do not take too long in each process. Up to 24 hours for account verification, loan approval, or disbursement of the loan.